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Welcome to New Age Publishing! Is this the year you turn your writing dreams into a published reality?

We are a publishing services company dedicated to providing you with all the essential requirements that all authors need to Write, Publish and Sell their books. Our genres are:  Spiritual / Self-Help / Autobiographies / Children's / Poetry. The publishing world is changing and New Age Publishing is dedicated to helping authors who can bring their messages through their writing that will help others. 


We help you whether you wish to be an independent self-published author or if you want to find a literary agent or traditional publisher. Our publishing programs are just a guide, as all our packages are tailor-made individually to meet your needs. All our Writing, Publishing and Marketing services are offered separately, so it doesn't matter which part of the book process you require, we can help you.


We are part of the publishing revolution that stops authors being duped by the likes of the 'vanity press', who promise the earth, deliver nothing, and take up to 60% of your royalties in the process even though you have already paid them many thousands. We are unique because all our authors own 100% of their Copyright and retain 100% of their Royalties.* You only pay once. We offer payment plans to help authors spread the cost.


'Don't let money cost you your dreams.'


Our AuthorStarter Program is ideal for authors that are beginning their writing careers. This Amazon only program makes publishing your book completely affordable and allows you to potentially reach 300 million Amazon users! Amazon is the biggest bookstore in the world and dominates 70% of the book retailing market. To help authors sell their books this program includes: Radio Interview, Video Book Trailer & 12 Week Social Media Marketing Campaign. This is a complete publishing model, from conception to completion, designed to reach readers worldwide!

Our AuthorBestsellers Program is for all authors at any stage of their writing career, but particularly authors who want to sell as many books as possible and get their book noticed by thousands of readers! This program allows authors to reach up to 300 million potential users through Amazon, and this package includes a tailor made Press Release that is sent to the media and people of influence in your genre. This comprehensive package includes: Video Book Trailer, Radio Interview & 12 Week Social Media Marketing Campaign to rocket launch your book!

Our AuthorPromotion & Marketing Program is for all authors who want to sky rocket their writing career! It is for authors who want to achieve a high level of success and promote themselves to thousands with a 12 week Social Media Book Launch Marketing Campaign, Radio Interview, Video Book Trailer & Promotional Materials that include: Business Cards, Bookmarks & more! This program allows authors to reach up to 300 million readers on Amazon and includes a tailor made press release that is sent to the media and people of influence in your genre.  


* All book sales distributors, retailers and online platforms charge a commission, the percentage varies depending on who it is. This will be fully explained to you before the publishing process begins.

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