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Welcome to our Bookstore! Here you will find all our published books and the ability to purchase them. Please just select the book you want, and the link will take you to the Amazon store to purchase. All books have the ‘Look Inside’ feature which allows you to asses the content before you buy. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The True Meaning of Life

                                  by judy hindle

Who am I? What is my purpose here? What happens when we die? The answers to these questions, and to all the mysterious questions we have about life are revealed in these soul awakening pages. The True Meaning of Life will give you the knowledge that you have been seeking all your life, to understand who you really are, why you are here and where you will go once your physical body ‘dies’. You will discover the truth about life which will allow you to break free of the bonds that have kept you suffering and allow you to fulfil your life to its highest potential. This is the start of your journey, a spiritual awakening that your soul has been longing for, a remembering of the magnificent spiritual being that you are, and your link to your nonphysical guides and teachers that watch and guide you through your life. “Judith is by far the most naturally gifted and talented Medium I have ever seen, she is like the new Doris Stokes” Alan Whitehead; Musician & Producer “Thought-provoking and inspiring teachings from an authentic heart, there is much to learn here.” Jayne Lea; Editor of ‘More To Life’ magazine

Merry and Her Three Wishes  

                                       By Helen Wilson

Join a wondrous mouse called Merry on her first adventure, as she makes three seemingly impossible wishes that come true! Meet the fairy princess as she is preparing to marry the prince, and be enthralled by the amazing woodland creatures that you will meet along the way. Be in awe of Ernest the owl, and a daring rescue, as well as an emotional reunion of lost family. This book is a simple and fun way to encourage children from an early age to have faith that it is entirely possible to achieve their dreams, that mindfulness and listening to the whispering of the heart are positive, and that with Love at the core, life can indeed be a magical adventure. This book can be either a great bedtime story or an aid to improve a child’s reading skills. Ages 0 to 7.

You Want Results?  

        By Stuart henderson

Do you find yourself unable to stick to any weight loss or fitness programme? Do you need help overcoming your fears and anxiety about your health and how you see yourself and your future? Clueless about how to get started? Here you will learn how to change your mindset for life and gain a greater understanding of YOU! Discover ways in which you will be able to understand why you have got to where you are now and how your past will be your mentor for your future. Master the essential techniques to keep you motivated and change the way you live your life…For life. This easy to follow 12 week body transformation plan, will provide you with all the tools and techniques you will ever need to ensure you never have to diet again! Stuart Henderson has created a motivational masterpiece for all women over 40 who are experiencing stubborn body fat and hormonal changes. Stuart has helped hundreds of women just like you who thought they could never achieve a healthy body for life, now let him help you too!

Letters From The Wound.. vol 1 

                                       By natacha dauphin

‘Letters From The Wound’, is the first volume of a set of three books under the umbrella of ‘The Soul Letters You Never Received’. These books paint a healing journey; from acknowledging the wound, believing that ‘Your Healing Balm Is Waiting For You’ (vol II) and having the courage to ‘Show Up…’ (vol III), to enter the arena of your life and vision, no matter what.

I call these LETTERS for they seem to have been sent to me; some days as thoughts, affirmations, other days as prayers, reflections. As I learn to recognize the gifts of darkness, whether it be grief, loss, doubts and embrace the grace of light within each one, I realize that there is room for both darkness and light within our being, and that this is far from bad or scary, this is beautiful. We are here on earth to experience it all. Allow the beautiful writing of Natacha Dauphin to reach into the depth of your soul, the place where all is hidden, and allow her 'letters' which have been created especially for you, to comfort you on your life's journey.

'I am not giving up

 I am giving over

 What I cannot understand, fix or embrace.

 And for this, I do not blame myself,

 I CELEBRATE myself.'

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