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Even though New Age Publishing offers Self-Publishing programs, we know that many authors wish to be published in the traditional way. We understand that many authors start off self-publishing and then try to secure a book deal once publishers can see there is a demand for the author’s book. We are unique in the fact that we help authors with their journey to traditional publishing, in fact I do not know of any other self-publisher who is offering this service.

The road to traditional publishing is much more difficult now than it was in the past, which is why this program explains and helps you every step of the way. We explain what all the publishing jargon means and help you do what is required to get your manuscript in front of Literary Agents and Traditional Publishers.


Our service includes:

Personal one to one coaching

Full manuscript appraisal and feedback

Submission process criteria fully explained

Traditional Publishing guidelines…What you need to know

Help you prepare your submission package, which includes;

Cover letter, Synopsis and Chapter selection

Edit / Feedback / Proofread of agent query letter

Edit / Feedback / Proofread of synopsis

Full edit of first three chapters (or up to 5,000 words)

Connect you to up to five genre specific successful Literary / Book Agents

Supply your Bio & Contact details 

Investment - £397.00

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