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New Age Publishing came about quite by accident, which began with my own book publishing experience. I wrote a book called ‘The True Meaning of Life’ and set about trying to find a self-publisher, as I knew to become traditionally published was very difficult. I could not believe the astronomical prices of self-publishing vanity press who charge thousands of pounds and then still charge up to 50% royalty payments as well! This seemed very unfair to me and was not something I was prepared to do; therefore, I knew I had to find another way.

I paid for publishing courses and devoured hundreds of hours of content to learn how the publishing process works and then used what I had learnt to self-publish my book. Not only did I publish my book, but because of what knowledge I had gained, I got it to #1 on Amazon too! A friend of mine asked if I could help her with her children’s book, which I did, and she suggested that I start a business helping others and to stop them being ripped off, and so ‘Merry And Her Three Wishes’ became my first book as a publisher and Helen Wilson my first author.

My aim is to help as many authors as possible not only publish their book but to create AuthorPreneurs who build successful businesses from their books and create multiple income streams which will make them very successful. New Age Publishing is revolutionizing the Self-Publishing industry, as we offer many services that others do not, and we do not take royalty payments from our Authors! We provide publishing services where the author retains 100% Copyright and 100% Royalties. We set everything up for our authors so they are always in control, and we guide them step by step so they are fully self sufficient to manage book ordering and all aspects of the process. 


The publishing programs we provide are just a guide for authors who need all aspects of self-publishing, but we provide all individual services too. We also provide crucial book selling and marketing help.


Please do not hesitate to contact myself of my team if you have any questions, and we look forward to helping you to achieve your publishing dreams.

Judith xx

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You can contact us by e-mail; info@newagepublishing.co.uk

Office: 01942 793722

Mobile: 07949 105547

Location:  36 Hertford Drive



                   M29 8LU

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